With the release of her three-song EP in August 2011 and a follow-up EP in 2013, much of the music world is got its first glimpse of one of pop music’s most exciting young singer/songwriters, Kailey Conner (née Billings). Kailey's first single was "Melody," an irresistibly catchy pop/rock tune with dynamic drums and passionate vocals. The song is about the desire to stand out, whether that be in music, a relationship, etc. This song is also a great introduction to Kailey, whose clear and innocent yet soulful mezzo-soprano and dynamic stage presence have made her stand out in a crowd and on stage since she was a tiny child.
     Kailey has been singing since she could talk. I assure you, there are home videos of her in 1992 singing Christmas carols into a brand new plug-in microphone she got for Christmas (there is also footage of her pushing her younger sister, Kelsey, out of the way whenever she tried to join in). Kailey wrote her first song at age 3, performed in her first musical at age 4, and made up a song at age 5 called "the Bread Song". She would perform this song to get free food at Outback Steakhouse. As you can see, she developed her passion for music at a very very early age, and it all went downhill from there. Described as a more upbeat and optimistic Jewel, this 27-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist is a powerhouse performer. In May 2012, Kailey graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. She moved to Nashville, TN in June 2012 to pursue her career full-time. After her second EP was released, along with two music videos, she relocated to Richmond, Virginia to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Virginia Commonwealth University. When she is not devoting her time to her scientific passions, she continues to perform around the Richmond area.

Significant Performances:
4-time headlining entertainment at the Sony Ericsson Open 
3-time showcasing artist at the Florida Music Festival
2-time National Anthem singer for the Atlanta Braves
National Anthem singer for Disney's Wide World of Sports, The Miami Hurricanes, The Detroit Tigers, and The Make-A-Wish Foundation
2-time showcasing artist at the 30A Songwriters Festival
Featured performer on CBS12 morning show "Wake Up, South Florida!"
Featured performer on Orlando Top 40  radio station XL106.7